What to do before selling your property when having a dispute with a freeholder

One or more times you might have a dispute with a freeholder for some reasons, most common reasons would be neglect of responsibilities, responsibilities like repairs and maintenance are very crucial for a freeholder to ignore, this will obviously irritate you and that is how a dispute will arise. When this happens, anyone would want to move out to find peace before the situation puts you in a leasehold scandal. These are some of the things you can do;

Speak to the solicitor

Selling your house can be very demanding especially if you don’t have experience in this field and so you should first look for a solicitor who is an expert in this field to deal with all your transactions and advice you on the best way to do that. If you find the buyer it is advisable that you inform them that the house has a dispute because soon or later they will discover so it’s better that you inform them from the very beginning of the process.

Keep paying service charge fee.

Sometimes the services offered by the freeholder can be very poor, unreasonable and even exaggerated, however as a leaseholder you can only challenge that but not withdraw the payment so even if that was the origin of the dispute you have to keep paying as you find another alternative like selling your house. If you go ahead and withdraw payments you will find yourself into a leasehold scandal.

Resolve the dispute before you sell the property.

The best way to deal with disputes is to solve them not to run away from them. Before you decide to sell your house make sure the dispute is solved so as to give the incoming leaseholder a good time to start over.